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Most of the Cummins products are provided with a warranty, which defines the responsibility of Cummins and the customer in the event of engine failure caused by defects in material or factory-built - warranty failure. In addition to the engines warranty, Cummins offers programs that provide an extended warranty period, called "Extended Commercial Warranty" (purchased warranty).

Guidelines for warranty service programs is that Cummins undertakes to pay only failed parts and components repair. In case of warranty malfunction the customer is obliged to address to the Cummins authorized service center for repair. Date of malfunction is considered date of opening of the order on repair. The engine has to be submitted for repair and order on repair has to be opened during the warranty period.

Service center defines whether malfunction is under warranty or not and in what degree repair is covered by Cummins warranty. Coverage by a warranty depends on the following factors:

  • Type of product
  • Application area
  • Engine operating time (miles/kilometers/hours)
  • Availability of Extended Commercial Warranty

If the repair is covered under warranty, the service center carries out the following:

  • Provide repair
  • Submits the account to the customer for repair of not warranty part (if any)
  • Prepares the claim for the corresponding sum under the program

Distributors provide Cummins Inc. claims on their repairs and claims submitted to them by dealers. Cummins Inc. examines the claim and the limits of subsequent damage and the distributor pays the amount owed in accordance with the applicable warranty. Distributor pays the dealer the amount of claim in accordance with the applicable warranty. Warranty programs are a legal agreement between Cummins Inc., the end user and its products. To administer the program requires the cooperation between the Cummins company, the end user and the service center that performs the warranty repairs. The fulfillment of the warranty conditions requires the cooperation and responsibilities of the various parties involved, including the end customer, authorized service center and the distributor. If the failure/repair is covered by more than one Cummins program, the repair is carried out within the program that provides the greatest benefit to the customer.

Warranty Contact and Questions

If you have questions regarding warranty policies, please contact: