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At the end of each day, only one thing matters at Cummins: Keeping our customers for life. That means 100% satisfaction with the performance of Cummins products, services, information and our people. To ensure that we exceed your expectations, we conduct ongoing customer satisfaction surveys, focus group research and meet regularly with customer councils. If you have a comment, experience or suggestion that will help us achieve greater customer satisfaction, we want to hear it.

The Customer – the key figure and the basis of our business! We seek to know everything about the needs and preferences of our customer. Our purpose – a successful and loyal customer. The customer is who we show attention and responsiveness, we ensure their safety and we guarantee reliability during their interaction with Cummins.

The main principle and mission of Cummins: "To improve the life of people, use all the power of Cummins".

Within it Cummins realizes the CSE program (Customer Support Excellent)

The basic principle of the CSE program – to show customers that their success is our top priority.

By fully following CSE principles, we strive to provide the customer with the best possible support in order to contribute to their success and satisfaction with our products, information and services.

Cummins always seeks to learn more about the needs of our customers as they interact with Cummins and as we strive to achieve higher levels of service. After each interaction with Cummins, customers have an opinion of the experience and services provided by Cummins. By means of selective polls and surveys, we attempt to gather feedback and understand how we have performed and where we can improve. We pay attention to each comment. Assessing the current situation, we quickly react to client feedback which helps guide how we improve and work more effectively, realizing Excellent Support of Clients (CSE).