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Zvezda-Energetika project

Bovanenkovo-Ukhta gas pipeline
Customer: GAZPROM

Project: Delivery of 9 power stations on the basis of Cummins QSK60/QSV91 gas powered electrical generators with the total capacity of 93 MW for compressor stations of Bovanenkovo-Ukhta gas pipeline, part of North-stream pipeline infrastructural project. Gas engine power plants satisfy all power requirements of compressor stations. Each power plant consists of 5-7 Cummins QSK60/QSV91 gas engine units rated at 1,1-1,5 MW each and stand-by Cummins diesel power plants with the capacity of 0.6-1 MW each.

NG-Energo project

Western Sakhalin field
Customer: JSC Surgutneftegaz

Project: “Energo-P6160/6.3KN30” gas engine generator plant on the basis of Cummins QSV91G gas powered electrical generators with overall capacity of 6.16 MW, generator voltage – 6.3 kV. The power station is intended for power supply of oil production and associated petroleum gas disposal on the oil field. In order to ensure operation of gas powered electrical generators the site was equipped with a system of fuel gas preparation which provides elimination of additives, moisture, drops of liquid from the associated gas and ensure maintenance of necessary pressure and temperature. Mode of operation – continuous, in parallel with the power system or independent in case of emergencies in the power system.

OOO “Cummins” project

BELAZ production facility cogeneration power supply
Customer: ОАО «BELAZ»

Project: Delivery of 3 power stations on the basis of Cummins QSK60 gas powered electrical generators with the total capacity of 3.3 MW for heat and power supply of production line of BELAZ, largest HHP mining dump trucks manufacturer in CIS, based in Zhodino, Belarus. Provided solution is more cost effective both in terms of heat and power generation and allows to significantly reduce relevant costs of production. Power plant consists of 3 Cummins QSK60 gas engine units rated at 1,1 MW each.

OOO “Cummins” project

Prime power supply for Siboil company oil field
Customer: Siboil company

Project: Delivery of 8 gas generating sets on the basis of Cummins QSV91 gas engines with the total capacity of 12,3MW for autonomous energy and heat supply on flare gas fuel. This project included existing generating sets overhaul and renovation, including containerization. Equipment provides steady and reliable energy supply in remote oil field with harsh weather conditions and absence of central power supply.