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Better. Engines for Locomotives and Railway Equipment.

Wherever there's advanced rail technology, you'll find Cummins power. Under the floor on Europe's high-speed passenger trains. Cummins rail enginesOn 20-ton grinders in the Far East. Cummins is on track with the most progressive rail companies in the world, including Bombardier and Siemens.

We offer a full line of ratings, with many engine models specifically modified for railway equipment. Cummins railcar engines, for instance, utilize low-profile designs for use under the car floor, with access to service points from underneath the engine, not inside the passenger compartment. The 750-hp QSK19 is the newest of our "horizontal" engines, and has the capacity to drive a new generation of high-speed DMUs, with projected speeds of up to 210 km/hr.

For locomotive power, Cummins offers a comprehensive range of high-performance, low- maintenance diesels to meet your needs. 12 different engines are available in a wide range of horsepowers, including V12 and V16 configurations. With ratings of up to 2100 rpm, these engines are more fuel efficient, more space efficient, have longer service intervals and a higher power-to weight ratio than low-speed units.

Low cost-of-operation and high dependability also make Cummins engines ideal for track maintenance equipment. We know that for the trains to run on time every day, you have to keep your tracks up to speed - every day.

Cummins also knows the trains don't move unless people get training. That's why we offer specialist service training for operator personnel at our international training center in Daventry, England. For details, contact

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