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Better. Every Job.

Cummins manufactures a wide variety of engines for off-road applications, including Mining, agriculture and construction uses.

Cummins Engines for Mining.

No matter what you're mining, no matter where your equipment runs, Cummins provides your business with clean power, every ton. When the world's mining equipment manufacturers need the right technology to deliver the lowest operating costs and the highest availability, they turn to Cummins – the Clean Power Leader.

Cummins products are used in every mining application from haul trucks and excavators to loaders and drills, in open pits or underground, in every part of the world. Thousands of mine operators depend on Cummins every day for greater levels of productivity, efficiency, and durability, with the lowest cost-per-ton in the industry.

From the compact 60-hp B3.3 to the mighty 3500-hp QSK78, there's a Cummins engine that's right for every job. In fact, as the world’s largest independent manufacturer of diesel engines, Cummins has more Tier 2 emissions-certified mining engines in use today than the combined total of all other mining engine manufacturers.cummins mining engines - belaz

With 80 years of experience in the mining industry, Cummins ensures you’ll succeed – today, tomorrow and every day – with the right technologies that customers demand for fuel-efficient, emissions-compliant power at the lowest cost-per-ton in the most demanding applications.

Our worldwide presence and comprehensive support make Cummins a proven, committed mining partner you can depend on every day from installation to overhaul. A network of more than 500 company-owned and independent distributor locations in approximately 190 countries and territories are trained and dedicated to provide immediate parts and service availability and the best warranty in the business.

Cummins Engines for Agriculture.

Cummins has provided reliable power to agricultural equipment manufacturers for over 60 years. We deliver the most durable and dependable diesel power in the world, with a broad power range from 60 hp (45 kW) to over 800 hp (597 kW), and are capable of meeting every emissions standard in the world.

Cummins engine power can be found in almost every type of equipment, in every region around the globe, from Australia to Asia to Germany and the Americas. Farmers depend on Cummins to power every kind of agricultural equipment imaginable, from tractors of every size to fertilizer sprayers, combines and harvesters, tree shakers and more.

Our engine experts work closely with OEM installation engineers to ensure optimized performance in each and every piece of equipment. And every Cummins engine is backed by a vast network of over 6,600 Cummins service and support locations, for coverage that is unmatched in the industry.

Cummins delivers the right products to help you grow your business. Every time. Every acre. Every location.

Cummins Engines for Construction.

Cummins new generation of Quantum System engines offer the power you need for every type of equipment and for every environment in the world. Our engines offer a more responsive power delivery, a major reduction in noise and minimal maintenance requirements. Cummins Quantum System engines have what it takes to make equipment perform. Equipment manufacturers who want to minimize installation changes will benefit from Cummins wide product range. Additional advantages include easier electronic integration into equipment and upgraded electronic control modules with faster processing power.

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