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It is the second time when the Dmitry Sotnikov's team has won this prestigious rally. Eduard Nikolayev took the second place, and Anton Shibalov took the third one. The Andrei Karginov's team was the fourth in the 2022 Dakar Rally. It was in 2011 when the Russian teams achieved such a triumph for the last time. The KAMAZ Master teams ran four trucks in this rally: two KAMAZ-43509 and two brand new KAMAZ -435091 of family K5. All of them were equipped with 13-liter Cummins ISZ engines.

It is the third time when the Dakar Rally (now, the 44th one) took place in Saudi Arabia. It included 12 stages. The route was 8375 km long, including 4258 km of special stages. No wonder that the KAMAZ Master team has won:     It was not a lucky chance since the very beginning but rather a synergy of professional KAMAZ racers and of reliable KAMAZ trucks equipped with Cummins ISZ13 engines. The KAMAZ Master teams have assumed leading positions since the first day of the rally and put every effort not to allow their competitors to TOP 3 in the overall standing. As a result, the KAMAZ Master teams have won all twelve stages of this highly demanding world rally. The 13-liter engines on the racing trucks were updated for this rally: the maximum engine power was raised up to 1150 h.p., and the maximum torque was increased up to 4700 Nm. However, the engine core was the same as well as its reliability. Our motors have not let us down under heavy-duty conditions of this rally.

Alexey Ustinov, the vice president for Russia & CIS Area Business Organization, Cummins Inc., has congratulated the racers on this KAMAZ Master achievement. "As your team partner, we followed closely all stages of this rally where you approached your victory with each stage. Participation in such an event as the Dakar Rally is a real challenge not only for people but also for vehicles. We are particularly delighted with team’s results in view of the fact that all KAMAZ Master trucks were equipped with Cummins ISZ13 engines that have delivered excellent performance and reliability under heavy-duty conditions of this rally and have not let the teams down in their race for the first place", comments Alexey in his written congratulations to KAMAZ Master.