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JV Cummins KAMA is 50/50 partnership between Cummins Inc. and KAMAZ, the largest MRHD trucks manufacturer in Russia & CIS.10 Years of JV Cummins Kama

On January 24th 2006 two partners announced the signing of a joint venture agreement to locally produce B Series 4.5L (up to 185 horsepower) and 6.7 L (up to 300 horsepower) engines under the name Cummins Kama. The 50-50 joint venture was based on the Cummins Inc. and KAMAZ relationship that dates from the 1980s, when Cummins Inc. top management team started business negotiations in Nab. Chelny. Parties reached the agreement to continue their cooperation further. In 2004 KAMAZ developed and launched the serial production of the modern KAMAZ-4308 5,5 tonnage MR model truck powered by Cummins engine. This model proved to be very successful thanks in large part to the engine performance that provided vehicle with excellent dynamics and fuel efficiency.

The lasting cooperation resulted in the joint venture foundation in 2006 to produce Euro 3, 4 and 5 emission standards engines in 140-300 h.p. range. Throughout the decade, Cummins KAMA had a great success in the local production of these products, manufacturing thousands of automotive (Euro 4 and 5) and off-road (Tier 3) engines annually. Current level of localization already exceeds 50%. The plant also features many advanced manufacturing elements including state-of-the-art block machining and assembly lines. ISO/TS 16949 quality management standard was successfully implemented at Cummins KAMA. All engine components go through the complex test cycles according to Cummins Inc. procedures. Among JV customers are KAMAZ trucks and buses, as well as trucks, buses and agricultural equipment produced by other manufacturers.