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For more than 10 years the lagest LCV producer in Russia, GAZ group, powers its flagman vehicle model line Gazrlle with Cummins ISF2.8 engines. During this GAZ produced over 250 thousand Gazelle vehicles with ISF2.8 engines of different ecological classes starting from Euro III to Euro VI. The trucks have operated successfully not only in Russia and CIS countries, but far beyound their boyond their borders.

Emission control requirements become more and more strict. The number of countries using vehicles complying with the highest environmental protection standards is increasing steadily. Products of GAZ Group are following this trend: GAZellle NN with the new Cummins F2.8 Euro VI engine has entered the market recently. Within a year only, GAZ and Cummins engineers has succeeded to finish the voluminous work of adaptation of the new engine, performing bench and field testing, as well as certification.

 The vehicle was sent for certification to the UK, where Cummins engineers measured emissions of the engine installed at the vehicle using Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS). This method differed significantly from the earlier standards allowing for certification of engine emission by bench testing only.

Test run of GAZelle by specialists of the Cummins pilot center in the village of Barmingham, Northern England.

Note that the engine name was changed to F2.8 reflecting large amount of modifications. Primarily, its power was increased to 126 kW and the torque was increased to 360 Nm which was  successfully aligned with the new GAZ 6-speed transmission: drivers have noticed excellent dynamics and acceleration. Then, the new aftertreatment system was introduced to ensure compliance with stricter emission standards: without the exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), but with the selective catalytic reducer (SCR) using AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid (urea water solution) from the separate tank.  Cummins engineers noted that it allowed for optimizing combustion processes and lowering fuel consumption. Moreover, implementation of various other solutions resulted in enhanced reliability and performance along with lowered noise level.

Cummins F2,8 engines

As of now, GAZelle with F2.8 Euro VI engine is designed for export, primarily to Turkey and the Eastern Europe. However, new emission standards will be introduced in the near future in Russia too, and we hope Russian drivers will also highly appreciate the new GAZelle powered by the high-torque F2.8 diesel engine.