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At Cummins, we remain vigilant in policing and enforcing all our intellectual property, including monitoring and fighting against counterfeit goods on the global market. The 2018 Annual Anti-Counterfeiting Report highlights successes in combating global counterfeiting activities, made possible by the proactive partnerships fostered between the Legal Function (“Legal”), Business Units and local law enforcement. 
If Technical Advisor Michael Blanz ever needed any karmic confirmation he was headed down the right path, it came stepping off the elevator late last year at the Cummins Technical Center in Columbus, Indiana (U.S.). There, in the corner of the lobby of the Tech Center office building, amid the models of classic Cummins engines through the years, Blanz saw a small piece of equipment on a work bench that he hadn’t noticed before. The machine was just a little bit bigger than what you might see in a hobbyist’s home workshop today.
When updating their flagship 457 Wheel Loader, J.C. Bamford Excavators Limited (JCB) knew they would need to select a power solution that would stand up to the constant acceleration and deceleration needed to lift and load over short distances while meeting EU Stage 5 emissions requirements. These requirements lead them to select the Cummins B6.7 Performance Series to power the latest model. 
Building on its longstanding history of powering agricultural equipment, today Cummins announced its Stage V B6.7 Performance Series engine will be available in CLAAS AVERO combine harvesters from Quarter 4 2019.
Cummins reliability and efficiency proves an ideal choice for the latest innovative autonomous agriculture, the Dot Power Platform.  Autonomous operation combined with diesel-power and a U-shaped design allow Dot to carry, rather than tow, a multitude of implements. Norbert Beaujot, President & Owner, Dot Technology tells us more about this unique application: