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Cities all throughout the world are embracing an electrified future — leading to cleaner air, quieter communities, and more efficient transportation everywhere. While electrification is a growing trend just about everywhere, there are a handful of standout cities across the world that have been adopting electrification in breakthrough ways, on a major scale. Let’s celebrate these electric cities for their innovative spirit — and for showing us all what the future of electrified transportation may look like.
Cummins, a global leader providing a broad portfolio of power solutions, will power a bus in Chile with the Cummins L9N Near Zero gas engine, which is considered one of the world’s cleanest internal combustion engines. This is the first time this particular Cummins natural gas engine will be used in an application outside the United States. 
Cummins Russia has started partnering with the Old Age in Joy Foundation, which is engaged in helping disabled and elderly people living in nursing homes throughout Russia. Cummins has adopted a nursing home in the village of Belyaninovo (Moscow region) and regularly carries out visits in groups of 15-20 volunteers. The house is home to 38 people, including veterans of the second world war. A recent visit to the home saw 15 employees clearing the previous year’s gardens of leaves, painting the house and fence, weeding the garden and planting flowers.
During market investigation, Cummins Turbo Technologies Limited discovered that LLC “TURBOTECHSNAB” was using Cummins’ trademarks without authorization and that this company has been selling counterfeit HOLSETTM turbochargers.  Cummins Turbo Technologies Limited demanded, that LLC “TURBOTECHSNAB” stop its infringing activities, but the company did not comply.  As a result, Cummins Turbo Technologies Limited filed a lawsuit in Russia against LLC “TURBOTECHSNAB” in November 2018 concerning the trademark infringement and sale of counterfeit goods. 
At Cummins, we remain vigilant in policing and enforcing all our intellectual property, including monitoring and fighting against counterfeit goods on the global market. The 2018 Annual Anti-Counterfeiting Report highlights successes in combating global counterfeiting activities, made possible by the proactive partnerships fostered between the Legal Function (“Legal”), Business Units and local law enforcement.