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Cummins Emission Solutions

Advanced Emissions Technologies

Cummins range of engine technologies are optimised to drive down levels of oxides of nitrogen and particulate matter, as mandated by governments around the world. Leadership in combustion research, fuel systems, air-handling systems, filtration, controls and exhaust aftertreatment allows Cummins to achieve its goal of maximizing customer value by providing the most appropriate emissions control solution for each market served. Cummins has special ‘in-house’ expertise in the following engine technologies:

  • Cummins Filtration designs, manufactures and distributes heavy-duty engine air, fuel, hydraulic and oil filtration products branded as Cummins and Fleetguard®.
  • Cummins Turbo Technologies designs and manufactures turbochargers and related products for diesel engines, branded as Cummins and Holset®.
  • Cummins Emission Solutions develops and supplies exhaust aftertreatment systems required for current and future emissions legislation including selective catalytic reduction and diesel particulate filtration systems.
  • Cummins Fuel Systems provides world class fuel system technology to enable engine customers to meet increasing emissions requirements while maximizing fuel economy and performance.

Cummins is committed to meeting or exceeding clean air standards, having long been a pioneer in emissions research and development. This means investing in critical technologies in order to achieve future emissions standards while meeting the needs of the customer. This commitment also involves being closely aligned with the key environmental trends in the industry such as hybrid and alternative fuels.